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September 7, 2011
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speed paint 2011 09 07 by torvenius speed paint 2011 09 07 by torvenius
compressed video (from 25 to 1.40 min):

I start almost everyday with a speed paint to warm up the wacom board. I often film these speedies, to keep track on my process and see what I am doing right/wrong. I thought I might wanna start share these with you.

These are SPEED paints. I have a timer I set for 20 min, so most of my speed paints are around 20 min. If a speed paint takes more than 1 hour, I don't think it's a speed paint anymore, then it's an illustration.

I sometimes use my speed paints as start ups for other work, and it's kind of sweet to have a huge folder with "sketches" to choose and pick from if you're running low on ideas some times.

also, there are always things you see as soon as the time is up, that you realize you should have done different, and there are always loads of stuff you miss or do wrong. But the important thing is just to nail something, a feeling and basic design in 25 min. This one is done in 20 min.


Q: you should have music on your clips?
A: NO no and NO. I fu*king hate music in clips like this since I always listen to other music myself. and just get annoyed with tutorials with cheesy sounds on it. And, I don't have time to sit and make these with sounds.

Q: What program did you use?
A: Photoshop CS3 and and a wacom Intous 3 to go with that.

Q: Where did you get your custom brushes?
A: from everywhere. friends and internet

Q: Can you share your brushes?
A. Maybe someday I will.

Q: Do you know when you start what it will be?
A: no, almost never. I go with the flow and it often changes under the process.

Q. at *insert random number* min/sec in the clip, you do this and that and I cant really see what is happening, do you mind to tell me about and explain it all?
A. no (I don't have the time to sit and write x number of ppl personal tutorials etc - further on, there will be properly done video tutorials from me)
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I would love to see these speedpaint weapons get more attention. I'm sure I'm not the only one.
This ones my favorite of the newest set.
s1naptic Sep 7, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Fantastic designs on all these recent weapons - very nice!

Thanks for sharing your process too, I always enjoy seeing how others work. I like your idea of setting a timer for a 20-minute session, and recording it so you can review the piece later. Sometimes it's hard to self-edit in the middle of working on something; having the "replay" sounds like it would be very useful indeed... I'm going to have to try that.
indeed try it
Liking those trigger guards and grip. Very Luger. ;)
What culture does this gun belong too? Orginised military or something else.

Beside that good work on the speed paint, bravo and such.
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